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Taking Action Boosted My Confidence

I used to hide my voice. I remember my body shaking and sweating with the fear of being seen in a speech class in high school. I thought it would never end. The days leading up to that speech were a mix of terror and dread. I literally couldn’t eat or sleep. I avoided being seen or heard at all costs.

That fear of speaking up and being seen followed me into college and in every big relationship I ever had. I would say yes to things I really didn’t want to do. My people-pleaser self was scared of disappointing others even though I’d end up betraying myself in the process. It was so frustrating! I knew this was an unhealthy pattern that needed to change.

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Can you relate? Are you withholding the real you, your inner thoughts or feelings? Do you take whatever comes your way without giving it some time to see if you are a true “yes” inside? Is there a critical internal voice that keeps you playing small?

Something started to shift for me when I became a radio deejay in my mid-20’s. I would record my shows and listen to them, cringing while I heard my own voice on playback. I loved the music I picked but hated my sing-song voice that screamed “I am uncomfortable!” But over the years, something changed.

I purposely put myself in situations where I had to speak. I stopped avoiding the uncomfortable and scary experiences. Instead, I raised my hand first when the professor asked a question. It was a strategy that worked because I stopped waiting to feel ready. Hint: I never felt ready!

That’s when I understood I could Boost My Own Confidence. Instead of waiting for confidence, I just took a shaky step forward. Taking action, any action, incrementally, over time, added up to more knowledge, more skills and ultimately, self-confidence. I even reminded myself “I didn’t die!” after each time I took a shaky, sweaty, heart-thumping step.

I allowed myself to mess up with less and less judgment too. I reframed it: When I mess up, I help someone else feel less fear about showing up as themselves. And it’s true. People would tell me they could never raise their hand first like I did in class. Or that speaking on the radio was too scary but I inspired them by my confidence. Note: I didn’t feel confident most of the time. Instead, what they saw was me taking action.

Then I learned about the primitive brain or the fight or flight center that handles our fear response to new stimuli. Our brain basically thinks everything is a gigantic LION and it wants us to get out of the way of harm. It’s all about protection and it does this by making us feel fear. So pretty much anything can be perceived as a threat, especially public speaking. Anytime you’re in front of others and speaking up.

When you stop avoiding something, and just do it (Nike got that right) you teach your brain to replace fear with excitement. Taking action, even when there’s some fear, is the key. You train the primitive brain that certain things are not Lions at all. The less I avoided the LION, and took action, the more my brain caught on and sent me less fear. This is just one example of the methods and strategies I bring to coaching that are surprisingly simple to implement.

My mission is to help you practice authentically taking action and speaking up. Whether it’s in your relationship, at work or with your family, let’s quiet the voice that doubts your ability to feel confident. No more spending precious energy and time worrying what people think of you! Once you know how to be authentically you– the clear, loving and courageous you, the more you will look and feel confident in every action you take. No more second-guessing yourself or always looking back with regret.

Confidence is about taking action. And the time is now. Let’s talk about lifting the blocks or struggles so you can feel clear, confident and secure inside. I am living proof that it’s possible and it would be an honor to show you the way. Get started with a free connection call below.

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