Radiate Certainty

Activate Your Core Confidence

Radiate certainty

Trust who you are

Seize the moment

You're Tired of Feeling Insecure, Unsure or Overwhelmed

Can you relate to these struggles?

Afraid to Speak Up

You have things to say but you fear being judged so you keep quiet

Afraid to Be Yourself

You want to be the real you but lack the courage to reveal your true self

Afraid of Messing Up

You know that change is necessary but self-doubt sabotages your actions

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I’ve Been There. I’m Here to Help...

Celeste Labadie, Certified Life & Relationship Coach

I didn’t start off as a confident person. I was unsure, felt insecure, and didn’t speak up for myself. I said Yes when I really meant No. I often felt overrun by others and then mad at myself for not being more clear with them about what I needed. I morphed or shrank myself to hide my real self. And all that felt really bad inside. It messed with my self-worth and definitely made it confusing to know what I really wanted to do with my life.

I know it might feel impossible, but I’m proof that you can become a confident person, able to do the things you’ve always wanted to do—exactly how you’ve always wanted to do them. Personal transformation is possible. I’ve spent the past decade helping people like you activate their inner confidence. They no longer hide themselves and know who they are. I taught them how to anchor their empowered self in every aspect of their life. Are you ready to join them?

Signature Coaching Program

Are You Ready to Activate Your Core Confidence?

In my 12-week program, Core Confidence Codes, I’ll personally guide you along the path to obtaining unshakable confidence. Together we’ll clarify the vision of what you want, uncover the blocks holding you back, and map out an action plan to get you there. We’ll also code your mindset for long term success and certainty, clearing doubt or worry from the path. To learn all the details and apply for your spot, click the button below.

Ready to Unlock Your Core Confidence?

Three Steps to Activate Your Confident Self

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Create a Clear Plan

We’ll clarify the steps to engage your strengths

Get Powerful Results

Enjoy a renewed sense of purpose and peace

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